By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — That line of thunderstorms, yesterday, meant business. That was also a perfect example of that “ever present chance of a Summer time afternoon thunderstorm.” The atmosphere needed to flex, and it did. That energy came through my neighborhood and the trees it snapped, and the large limbs I was moving out of my yard, last evening, were healthy ones. Not rotten from the inside. This was damage to strong healthy objects. That storm had energy. But as I type this, and you read it, many of you had nothing but calm in your neighborhoods. “That ever present chance…” but many times not area wide. And such is the case, again, this morning.

Right now, ( As I write this at 7:15 A.M.),  we have rain, and a couple of light thundershowers Northeast of the city. In areas that were on the sidelines yesterday afternoons event. And such is the “flavor” of the day.”

Later on that front will be to our South, a bit, and conditions will calm until tomorrow afternoon when we do have thunderstorms in the forecast. The point is we are now entering the time of year where you need to pay attention to us when you hear “isolated” or “scattered storms.” Those terms are not to diminish the potential power of any passing weather but rather to point out possible location. And do note I usually add the phrase, “maybe here, but not exclusively.” Inotherwords… beware.

Getting your attention on these type of forecasts is a big deal to us. And you, the viewer, get hip and on track quickly to be honest. Usually all it takes is one “wake up call.” And yesterday’s “alarm” went off really loud. Let’s stay on point folks!


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