By Alex DeMetrick

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Most dolphins stay offshore from Maryland, but not all. The fishing boat “Amazing Grace” spotted a pod of dolphins north of the Bay Bridge in late June.

And last week, Bryan and Paul Rosensteel left Sandy Point State Park, heading for a fishing spot south of the bridge, when they spotted a pair of dolphins near their boat.

“That’s why we were there. Usually, that’s where the fish congregate, so I guess they had the same idea.” Bryan said.

“They seemed like they were just playing around and watching us the whole time. It was really funny. Just watching them pay and we stopped the boat and got a bunch of pictures.” Paul said.

The University of Maryland’s Center for Environmental Science started tracking dolphins last year, and are using public sightings again. Pictures are important to identify dolphins by their dorsal fins.

Dr. Helen Bailey said they have ID’D over 500 individuals.

“I think that probably many more are coming into the bay. Probably thousands are coming into the bay.” Bailey said.

Amanda Weschler with the Department of Natural Resources Marine Mammals said no touching, following or attempting to feed them is allowed.

“You should enjoy them from a distance. It’s better for everyone involved.” Weschler said.

To contact about dolphin sightings, call the DNR Dolphin Sightings at 1-800-628-9944 or go to

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Alex DeMetrick


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