MONTGOMERY CO, Md. (WJZ) — When students in Montgomery County walk into class for the first time Tuesday, they will have their notepads, pens and condoms.

The public school system has decided to provide condoms at four high schools, Gaithersburg, Northwood, Watkins Mills and Wheaton.

Some council members want to make them available at all 25 of the county’s high schools and even want it considered for 40 middle schools.

This comes as sexually transmitted infections reach the highest level in 10 years.

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Comments (21)
  1. James C. Morris says:

    In a rational world, this would be held as “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

    1. Gary Griffin says:

      Or statutory rape

  2. Sam Jones says:

    unprotected sex=single moms=more welfare, Shake and do again (and again).

  3. Next, they will distribute bullets to the students because shootings are up.

  4. Jackie Meyer says:

    We need tax funded bibles distributed to our schools. The bible teaches about not having sex before marriage, so STD’s would be non-existent in the public school system.

  5. Notice the theme by people on the left: “if only we gave out more condoms, or pushed more money into our schools, or had more laws against guns, or made more government programs, or had more socialism, our problems would be solved!” Silly rabbit. When will they learn that many problems in society are not due to external forces but to personal behavior?

  6. Barry Levy says:

    so tell me who is paying for this, and why bother because teens aren’t going to use them,

    and maybe we should also give them beer because we know teens are going to drink

    and let’s give them marijuana to make them feel better because we know that they are smoking

    because we sure as heck don’t want to teach values and morality

    Ever hear the slogan no pain no gain, So why is only in the area of making your body better is this slogan applicable, instead of being the motto in all aspects of life.

  7. Nick Cignetti says:

    In an insane state (Maryland) the sane are insane. Any questions?????

  8. Kenneth Henson says:

    Sounds like the administration is being run from the Grove !

  9. Why have schools? Why go broke paying people who hate us and everything we do and stand for, and then will call us fools and cowards as soon as they get everything they want?

    President Trump, High Schools sit on prime real estate. Send the fools home. The DARE Officers will teach them everything, and they can work for their soon to be defense attorney. Open it up for micro rentals, backed by the sale of Ginnie Mae bonds and a utility of a cryptocurrency run by the Library of Congress through various brands. NASA, the Smithsonian, Carnegie Hall, HBO. Why help those who seek their destruction with first starting at our?

  10. Jon Raitmon says:

    This short description did not mention that the people here are among the richest in the US. Politicians and gubbermint employee families.

  11. Juan Ruiz says:

    Try teaching them abstinence. A great high school curriculum for abstinence which has been proven to dramatically lower sexual promiscuity is:

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