COLUMBIA, Md. (WJZ) — A 64-year-old Maryland woman was mauled to death by a pit bull she recently rescued, police said Tuesday.

According to Howard County Police, officers were called to a home on Tamar Drive on Labor Day for a report of a woman being mauled to death by her dog.

Robin Conway was found dead in her backyard with significant injuries.

A family member found Conway in her yard around 7:20 p.m. on Monday with the dog standing over her.

The witness called 911 and tied the dog to a fence until help arrived.

The radio transmission was heard with the caller saying he thought his wife was attacked by a dog and might be dead.

Police and EMS responded and pronounced Conway dead at the scene.

The dog, who was still leashed to the post, was barking and lunging on its leash. It was subdued by animal control officers and ultimately euthanized.

A necropsy will be performed to determine if the dog was sick or had rabies.

Conway had adopted the pit bull two weeks prior from a rescue out-of-state.

Her sister, Susan Eve LeClair, said Conway was no stranger to pit bulls which is why she had rescued the one she was walking at the time of the attack.

“She cared so much about her animals that she had taken this dog,” LeClair said.

Conway’s family is mourning and is at a loss for words.

“Everybody is devasted,” LeClair said. “I don’t know that there are lessons to be learned or not,”

Police said the dog showed some signs of aggression.

“The dog was on a leash but lunging and barking, they tried to subdue him but ultimately had to euthanize him,” said Sherry Llewellyn with Howard County Police.

“There was obviously something wrong with this dog, but Robin was a wonderful wonderful person,” LeClair said.

Police said there were no previous calls to animal control about this residence prior to the incident Monday.

Police are conducting a death investigation in the case and awaiting official autopsy results.

“We have not seen a lot of cases like this here in Howard County,” Llewellyn said. “And we certainly haven’t seen cases that involve in a resulting death,”

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  1. i would sooner live with an alligator

    1. toetagger says:

      You just had to bring Maxine Waters into this, huh?

      1. Steve Vise says:

        Bwahahahahaha !

  2. subtle2 says:

    What’s wrong with the dog?
    It is pit bull, bred for mayhem.

    1. Christine Craft says:

      So it’s your belief that dogs called “pit bulls” are “bred” to do this? Who “bred” this dog?I find it more than a bit hinky that the hubby claims the dog is fully to blame.

      1. Carl Mayo says:

        pits were bred in 18th-century england to fight bulls and bears for public amusement. the breed was further refined for aggression by having them fight each other, then breeding the winner.

      2. Juliet Kane says:

        Certain folks in the Urban culture raise them with abuse,etc to weaponize them. It is status and for protection of their drug trade.

      3. toetagger says:

        Open jaw, insert paw.

      4. They keep the history of pit bulls (fighting dogs) in things called books.

    2. De Leweye says:

      An actual pit is just a big terrier, with a basic terrier personality – alert, inquisitive, sensitive and excitable. Combine that nature with idiot owners and actual abuse and you can very easily end up with a dangerous animal. If this dog had been abused and showed signs of aggression, a 64-year-old woman could well have lacked the physical strength to control him, which an animal reacting from fear needs to feel secure. I’ve “tamed” a couple of large pits simply because they learned I was physically stronger than they were – not that I could out-fight them, just that they couldn’t pull me around. Not that this will stop the “pits are demons” brigade, but what I’ve experienced.

  3. Patrick Murphy says:

    walking time bombs, when will people learn.

  4. jabusse says:

    Damn. I am so sorry. They are usually great dogs when left by themselves.

    1. John Carson says:

      Agreed, that’s why I leave them alone in a shallow grave.

      1. De Leweye says:

        Big talk.

  5. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at this story.

  6. Herb Rapoza says:

    Just another candidate for the Darwin Awards.

  7. Dan Lommell says:

    but, but, but chihuahuas as more dangerous than pits, they always come back with.

  8. Eileen Finnin Hargrove says:

    Put that dog DOWN!!!

    1. Walter Mayfield says:

      That’s what euthanized means Eileen. Went straight to the comments didn’t you?

    2. The Pit Bull is the African of dog world.

  9. Shimmon Rockwerk says:

    Can I adopt the Dog ? My X wife needs a new pet

  10. Mike Gieser says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  11. Jimmy Smuldour says:

    haha good for her and their kind…. oh yes pit bulls are soo such nice dogs. Hope your child gets mauled by one lol

  12. Patrick Cronin says:

    a pet rattlesnake would of been a better choice

  13. R.d. Holland says:

    The “witness” was her husband. Thought she was dead and might have been attacked by a dog. And he was able to go out and tie the dog to a fence? Something seems fishy. Could be a perfect crime. Was he able to get the dog to attack using a command? Too quick to euthanize the animal if you ask me.

    1. Yeah! The dog would have folded under questioning!

      1. toetagger says:

        Yep. How many times have we seen it before? Approach the defendant with a rolled up newspaper and it starts chasing its tail looking for an alibi.

  14. Montgomery Draxel says:

    Animal instincts are stronger than pitbull apologist talking points.

  15. Zach Folkes says:

    It was a rescue dog, who knows how it was trained/treated prior to this lady taking ownership. It’s not the dog breed, it’s the training/handling. That said, I wouldn’t adopt a pit bull unless it was a young puppy. Not gonna risk taking on some abused dog that can turn on a dime.

    1. Thomas Keller says:

      People are frequently killed by pit bulls they raised “from a puppy”

      According to the honest trainers “pit bull personality changes dramatically at about age 2. They can become extremely hostile”

      Pit bulls are just like a lion or any other wild, non-domesticated animal. They are cute as kittens/puppies but absolutely predatory when adults. Nobody without special training or in a city environment should own any wild animal or pitbull. They are not suitable as pets. People who say “my pit bull is a sweetheart” just haven’t hit that moment yet where the dog turns on them.

      For example, last week a lady who had been training pit bulls for 20 years was mutilated by one. You are playing Russian roulette with your life and the lives of the children next door.

  16. Kyle Cain says:

    Defenders of the breed say that pit bulls are unfairly maligned, but you never read about people being mauled to death by poodles. Just sayin’.

    1. Walt Campbell says:

      But I did read a story a couple months ago about a woman killed by 8 wiener dogs. Tragic, but funny.

  17. Rusty Taylor says:

    There is a chance this dog had a word that it was trained to attack when heard. Who knows where it came from. Just because it seemed trained, she still should have taken the dog to a class and made sure it was safe to be around. Or maybe her husband knew the word to make it attack? sad story anyway you look at it.

  18. Jay Barbieri says:

    No worries.
    The US government is doing the same thing to its citizens.
    Adopting middle eastern animals and bringing them here.

  19. Jack Murphy says:

    “I don’t know that there are lessons to be learned or not,”

    this is why we cannot have nice things.

  20. Steven Soleri says:

    Family should sue the rscue clinic. No way these dogs should be put up for adoption.

    1. Sandra Isrow says:

      Totally agree. Pit Bulls should be put down when brought in….. just aren’t worth the risk and there are plenty of other ‘nice’ dogs that need homes ..

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