Hi Everyone!

TGIF!! And a “Purple Friday” at that.

So now it’s the weekend, and as promised yesterday let’s discuss the chance of rain today, and through Sunday. To be honest it is about a 1 in 2 chance. About a 55% chance today, and tomorrow. But bump that up to almost a 60% chance on Sunday. All this as the remnants of “Gordon” stream East along a stalled frontal boundary draped over the Mid-Atlantic.

The scenario for the weekend has not changed from what has been discussed, on the air, for the past few days. And that it is THAT stalled front. Not only have we had multiple heat waves this Summer but multiple times, when on a weekend, a stalled front has kept us in a “when’s it gonna rain” guessing game. There have been times when I have wanted to look into the camera and say, “Rain? Your guess is as good as ours!”  And all be it true that does not help the street cred a lot, but at least it’s true.

The Summer of 2018. “Unsettled”  as a label is being  generous don’t’ ya think?

Have a safe, great, and dry weekend. Go RAVENS!!

TGIF everyone, ain’t it the truth!



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