Hi Everyone!


We start this day gray. Looks like much of the same through the weekend. Hey no surprise, but given what could have been, and what is going on down to the South we will take it. This day started off in the low 70’s, and we will only get to 78° today.

We are 14 day in to the month, essentially half way through the month, and now within arm’s reach of the first day of Fall. Indications are that by next Thursday we will finally bust out of this weather crud and have the sun return and humidity peel away from the Mid-Atlantic, finally. That by the way will be courtesy of remnants of Florence, who when up to our North, will pull down, (on her counter clockwise flow), some much drier air out of central Canada.

This major clear out, again, won’t happen until Thursday, but what is a few more days of this at this point? Why not end the season as it seems it has been all season long.

Have a great, and safe weekend. The last weekend of Summer.

TGIF, ain’t it the truth!



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