By Alex DeMetrick

MARYLAND (WJZ) — Rain is inundating areas of the Carolinas that normally do not flood, quickly trapping those who did not expect it.

Right now, most are being pulled out by boats, but for some, that isn’t an option.

How To Help Those Impacted By Hurricane Florence

“In a matter of seconds, my house was flooded up to the waist, and now it’s up to the chest and we are stuck in the attic. There are four of us,” said Peggy Perry from New Bern, North Carolina.

“We are there solely to rescue people. We’re looking for stranded individuals or someone in need of help,” said Justin Evans, with Maryland National Guard.

At Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland’s National Guard prepped to deploy its Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team to the Carolinas.

They were on standby to assist with rescues in Maryland, it is instead being sent south, as Florence veers away from Maryland.

It follows a decision to send a task force that specializes in swift water rescues to the Carolinas, while Maryland’s Red Cross is prepared to send blood supplies if needed.

The guard team brings its own tools.

Naval Academy Midshipmen Fly Into The Eye Of Florence To Track Its Path

“Our primary go-to is the hoist. And we use a rescue basket and deploy our civilian rescuer to aid, to bring them up to the aircraft for safety,” Evans said.

While making sure they are flight ready, search and rescue teams from a number of fire departments are also preparing to go along.

They are the people who will be lowered in those baskets to rooftops and trees.

“Where we pull people out of danger,” Evans said.

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Alex DeMetrick

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