BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Be prepared to slow down. Baltimore council members are considering a plan to reduce speed limits across the City.

This proposal is in the early stages, but drivers are wondering if it will make a difference. This comes as the City Council searches for ways to make roads in Baltimore safer.

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“I had a young student get stuck on Edmondson Avenue earlier this year walking to school, I get a lot of requests for additional crossing guards from concerned residents, especially in school zones with kids,” said Kristerfer Burnett, city councilman.

Just this summer, an Allstate report ranked Baltimore as the worst in the country, out of a list of 200 cities.

A majority of the city council supports the idea that could reduce speed limits by 10 miles an hour.

“This is a bill very similar to one that has passed in other cities across the country,” said Ryan Dorsey with Baltimore City Council.

Boston enacted a similar law in 2017, where default speed limits went from 30 to 25 miles per hour.

But some council members want more details on how it would work in Baltimore.

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“Certainly we all want the streets to be safer. Is this going to make the streets safer and how much is it going to cost to do so,” said Yitzy Schleifer, Baltimore City Council.

A report from the AAA Foundation for traffic safety reiterated that pedestrians who are struck by vehicles are less likely to be seriously injured or die at lower speed limits.

“Reducing the speeds probably could help because there is a lot of speed demons out there,” said Tom Merrill, a driver.

Baltimore drivers can comment about slower speed limits officially once council members set a date for a public hearing.

“I think overall it could work to keep things safer, but I do think there is a lot of people who just don’t really pay attention to it, nor do they know the speed limit,” said Gyasi Moscou-Jackson, another driver.

The proposal to lower speed limits now goes to a committee. The Department of Transportation is expected to get involved.

The cost to change out all the speed limit signs will also be discussed.

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