PERRYMAN, Md. (WJZ) — Alexie Scharmann was woken up Thursday morning with a text from her mother saying, “I am hiding, I love you guys.”

Her mom sent her and her sister a text thread at 9:31 a.m.

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“I love you both more than u will ever know, there is a shooter in the building. I am hiding. I love you. Be good an take care of daddy an the pets if something should happen,” her mom said.

Lone Female Shooter Kills 3, Injures 3 In Aberdeen Shooting At Rite Aid Warehouse

Scharmann was asleep when she got that text.

“My sister woke me up to that,” she said.

She said her mom is doing fine but isn’t sure if she knew any of the victims.

“One of my best friends, its her cousin, I don’t want to release any names to respect their privacy but I know that she, while I’m talking about my mother she’s coming to me and saying, did your mom see my cousin did she say anything?”

She said her mother had gone into a bathroom before going on break when the shooting started.

“She usually goes out to take a smoke break, is like immediately on her, she’ll clock out and go, she went to the bathroom before and thank whatever, thank god she did because as soon as she walked into the bathroom is when the shooting started,” she said.

She said her mother told her that she was in the bathroom and two women walked in, also temps.

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“They came into the bathroom and didn’t speak any English and all they said to my mom was put their fingers to their mouth, told her to be quiet and then made the gun symbol with their hands and said ‘Just be quiet,” Scharmann said.

She said her mom had her phone, which she said was lucky because most warehouses do not allow phones on the floor.

“That’s why a lot of people weren’t able to get in contact with their families because you’re not allowed to have a phone at a warehouse,” she said.

She received a text from her mother later in the day saying, “I am safe, I am outside.”

Scharmann said she used to work in the warehouse as well, and her mother is an inventory control specialist.

She said her mother said she did not know the suspect. She said from what she had been told, the shooter suspect had only worked there a couple of weeks.

She said people at the reunification center had said they were shocked that this had happened.

“They said she was nice, she was, like, she would sit and eat lunch with them, all this stuff, and they never expected this would happen.”

She said she asked her mom about the security of the building, and said that according to her mom, there was no security on site of the Liberty building, a smaller building adjacent to the 500 building.

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