By Alex DeMetrick

CARROLL COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — In Carroll County, standing water isn’t hard to find.

Wet weather has impacted farms across Maryland.

“Everybody thinks rain is a good thing. Well too much rain, not a good thing,” said Cyndy Howes with Baugher’s Farm.

First it was crops ruined by too much rain in the spring and summer, especially on the eastern shore. Now, it’s some fall crops including apples being impacted.

Rotten apples have been left out in the orchards.

“It’s been tough to get into the field because of the mud,” Howes said. “Everybody wants corn stalks. Why don’t we have corn stalks? Can’t get out into the field to pick the corn stalks,”

At Baugher’s, salvageable apples were picked and turned into cider.

“There’s nothing wrong with the fruit. It’s just not a beautiful product to give a customer,” Howe said.

Baugher’s still puts out the best it grows, but some apples show the effect of all the cloudy weather. It takes sun to turn them red, and while they still taste delicious, some are pale.

Pumpkins appear to have fared better, whether at the market, or the pick your own out in the field. This weekend kicks off a big month for pumpkins.

“We’re just hoping for some nice bright sunshine,” Howes said.

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Alex DeMetrick


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