PRINCE GEORGE’S CO., Md. (WJZ) — Police have released surveillance video that shows a suspect throw a rock at a glass window, but the rock comes back and hits them in the face.

The Prince George’s County Police Department is now asking for the public to help them identify the “bad luck bandit.”

According to police, the attempted break-in happened in the 4000 block of Suitland Rd. on September 20.

The suspect used a brick or rock to break the front glass window, but then used the same brick or rock to try to break what turned out to be bulletproof glass protecting the front counter.

He tried three times, and on the third attempt, the rock flew back at him, hitting him on the head.

The suspect was on the ground for a few minutes after being struck by the rock. He eventually got up and left.

Anyone with information on the suspect or knows someone with a suspicious head injury is asked to call 1-866-411-TIPS (8477) or the Regional Investigation Division-Central at 301-390-2160.

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  1. Samuel Green says:

    When I bought my home, I installed 12mil security film and DOW 995 glaze to my homes windows. I picked up a stand alone, simple plate glass window in a frame with this film and glaze applied to torture test it.

    So I asked a few neighborhood kids to try to defeat it. I layed down a tarp and these kids bashed the heck out of it with golf clubs & baseball bats.

    The glass did break, but they could not get through it and it held together as it’s supposed to. They only defeated it when one of the kids dad came out with a precharged pneumatic .22 air rifle, the second shot in the same spot got through. We also tested a traditional 2″ thick bulletproof window I had. His air gun was no match, it did get spiderwebbed for repeated shots in the same spot, but that rifle met it’s match.

    This security film does double duty as I live in a hurricane prone state. But what works for anti smash and grab Jewelry store windows, also works well for hurricanes. If you install it yourself, it’s not expensive.