STERLING, Va. (AP) — New facial recognition technology has identified three impostors at Washington Dulles International Airport.

Citing a U.S. Customs and Border Protection release, The Washington Post reports a woman arriving on a Monday flight from Accra, Ghana, presented a U.S. passport, but the facial recognition technology reported a mismatch. A secondary inspection and biometric examination identified her as a 26-year-old citizen of Cameroon, not the United States.

The release says the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority partnered with CBP to use biometric entry and exit technology using facial comparison to bolster security and efficiency for international travelers.

Officers at Dulles previously intercepted a Congolese man using a French passport Aug. 22 and a Ghanaian woman using a U.S. passport Sept. 8.

Posing as another person when entering the United States violates immigration law.

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  1. Gabriel McKing says:

    video don’t match the article

  2. Steve Heitman says:

    I am more interested in how many were missed.

  3. Doug Day says:

    Fly to Mexico City, jumper to Tijuana, then just walk across the border illegally. Then you will be hailed as an heroic “immigrant”.

  4. …but the Leftists keep saying we should let anyone and everyone into our country…

  5. Now that’s a damned good reason to control the world population automatically via AI ?
    Thousands everyday go through our airports having been body screened, hands shoved down your families pants, and now this. Men have been neutered and fear mongering and false flags under the Hegalian Dialectic program gets Boobus Americanus to roll over for everything in authority worship. Debt slaves 95% of them being trained in school instead of educated.
    do not know truthfully where they are from and least of all where they are going.
    Answer? The slaughter house and the sheering pens bleeting hopelessly in ignorance.
    simply disgusting at what this Democratic REPUBLIC has become.

    1. Scott Shepard says:

      A country without borders isn’t a country. You want to come here you do it legally. W3e have grown sick of your undermining our wages, taking OUR job’s, or time your visit to squirt out a welfare recipient who then drags the entire clan here for all of those wonderful Gv’t benefits- paid for by the American tax payer.
      You do not have the inherent right to come here or settle. How’s this for an idea? Fix your own $hithole and stay out.

  6. Donny Dingle says:

    And what is the penalty? Jail, deportation or catch and release?

  7. Nick Cignetti says:

    Poor article what happened to them complete the report or was journalism not one of your subjects as in I had a choice and I chose story telling.

  8. It’s the month before elections, Democrats are bringing in their faithful…

  9. Michael P. Clifford says:

    Get this equipment in every train station, airport, bus station, federal building, sports and concert venue in the country. Connect it to the FBI’s criminal computer and get the paddy wagon ready.

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