BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Life has been rough at a North Baltimore apartment complex.

“Just really inconvenient. I mean, I had to boil water,” said resident Stephanie Grant.

For the last month, residents like Grant at the Metropolitan of Baltimore have been under strict water restrictions. All this comes on the heels of several cases of Legionnaires’ Disease, confirmed by the City Health Department.

“As far as I know nobody else got sick or ill or anything like that,” Grant said.

Health experts said the Legionella bacteria can spread through water systems and wet environments like those found in ventilation systems.

“If it’s aerosolized in a certain way then people can breathe it in and end up with pneumonia,” said Lisa Kirkland, Sinai Hospital Emergency Medicine Doctor.

Dr. Kirkland said only in rare cases does the disease spread from person to person, she said the real threat comes from inhaling the bacteria.

“It can be treated. Unfortunately, about 1 in 10 people actually die from Legionnaires’ Disease especially people with underlying lung problems, people who again their immune system isn’t great,” Kirkland said.

Grant and other residents said management did keep residents informed. Late Thursday, management of the building sent a memo to residents letting them know the restrictions had finally been lifted.

“They did pretty good, I mean keeping us up to date the best they could I mean, what can you do?” Grant said.

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