By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Some of the 2,300 sailors and marines in the city for Maryland Fleet Week have volunteered to get out and interact with the community.

Work and play combined at the Under Armour house on Fayette Street Friday morning.

These aren’t exactly military calisthenics.

But those running the drill are Daniel Lee is a sailor aboard the USS Milwaukee.

“We’ll show them what we do and how we serve our county and hopefully that can promote the same kind of pride and patrioism and they’ll grow up to do something positive with their life like that,” Lee sailor.

A day of games for 130 eight graders from City Springs, and Hampstead Hill and this marine sargeant from Albuquerque who feels like he’s still in 8th grade.

“So the second group, yeah you’re playing, you’re playing, you’re coming out,”

“I’m a little kid. I’m literally a little kid stuck in a big kids body that’s what I am. No joke, i have that on all my social media, my name is Sgt. Moore and i’m a big kid stuck in a little kids body,”

A morning working side by side with marines and sailors has left and impression with these 8th graders.

“They’re really fun, encouraging us to play and things like that,”

“and what have you noticed in talking with these guys? They’re not all tough like that.. They seem pretty cool? (nods head)”

So, a day of leadership, fellowship, fun, games and a lesson or two as well.

“So at our school we look at education really holistically.”

“And so it’s not just the content we’re learning in classrooms it’s about opportunities our students have and so this is one of those opportunities that our students have that’s unique and when we’re offered those opportunities we’re going to take them.”

Though this ends at noon, Fleet Week continues until early next week.


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