Hi Everyone!


Got that Friday vibe going on in here today. And why not? With this weather it is going to be easy to sneak in one more “summer feel” weekend. Gray today, and a gray start tomorrow, but as we have discussed not feel of Fall,…yet.

Whether it is an early Saturday morning rec council ball practice, or a date night Saturday night, or just chillin’ on a Sunday morning, these mild thermometer readings are the scene setter. Tough to get too bent out of shape when birds are still chirping and you walk a bit slower, enjoying the day, as opposed to a quicker step to move through crisper weather. And now it appears this run of “wild mild” continues al the way through next week. I guess this is payback from Spring being delayed so long a few months ago.

They say paybacks can be “heck”, but this is the payback that comes with interest!

T.G.I.F.,…ain’t it the truth!



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