By Nicole Baker

BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ) — Ravens 2018 draft pick, Kenny Young, spoke with WJZ’s Nicole Baker about being drafted to the Ravens, his passion both on and off the field, and the legacy he wishes to leave behind.

The Ravens drafted Kenny Young in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft tour of UCLA.

When asked about what he tries to remember while out on the field, Young had one thing in mind.

“Breathe,” he said. “I kid you not, I tell myself to breathe and relax. I can get worked up, as we all do, it’s a big job, there are a lot of things on the line- my life depends on this now- no more college, you are a grown-up, you have to make grown-up decisions.”

Kenny made a grown-up decision after high school when he decided to leave his home in Louisiana for UCLA.

He was not only a star on the football field but also on the debate team.

“I like to speak in front of people,” Young said, “I like to debate, I argue with my girlfriend a lot, she knows that she is going to lose, she just gives in, she gives me a hug and says ‘baby I love you.'”

Young also described changing how he talks to people since leaving Louisiana.

“I have always worked at speaking well, said Young, “I am from the south and there is a lot of slang. I can’t speak in the media how I speak back home, people would be like ‘what is he saying?’ it’s a culture thing.”

Asked how he maintains his connection to home, Young stated that his teammates and staff help with that.

“The great thing about this organization is it reminds me of home, The players that they have here, the staff, they have even Ozzie,” said Young, speaking about Ravens general manager, Ozzie Newsome, “He has a good eye of recruiting the staff and the players that fit a southern-based culture”

Young, who looked up to Ray Lewis, described what it was like watching him get inducted to the Hall of Fame.

“I used to listen to his speeches all the time,” Young said about Lewis, “and I’d run in a levee back home, for 1 or 2 hours. I would run and listen to the speeches, it was therapeutic.”

Kenny is well versed in the history of the Ravens, and that history has inspired him to think big for this season.

“I just want to build on a legacy, that Ed Reed, Flacco, Terrell Suggs, CJ Mosley, and I just to add to, and a Super Bowl would be a great way to start my journey in my NFL career.”

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