BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Starting October 15, you might want to start thinking out of the box.

The traffic box that is. Baltimore City Department of Transportation will start fining motorists for blocking intersections, or the box between traffic lights.

Motorists will be fined $125, according to DOT.

The “Don’t Block the Box” campaign is a new traffic law introduced by the city earlier this year, in an effort to “educate commuters and promote the safety of drivers and pedestrians traveling within the city’s busy intersections,” according to the DOT website.

Baltimore Mayor Announces ‘Don’t Block The Box’ Traffic Safety Program

The DOT said they believe it will also help curb gridlock and increase safety at Baltimore intersections.

DOT cited gridlock as a cause for this new traffic initiative, saying that blocking an intersection causes gridlock in the downtown area particularly, and motorists with a green light cannot proceed through an intersection because of cars blocking the box.

The law officially takes into effect October 15.

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  1. Kerry Blackburn says:

    how about enforcing laws that already exist before making new ones? just a thought.
    how about starting simple, enforcing the tailgating law. a safety hazard to every person near this law-breaker. so technically, 90% of the people on the road are within this unsafe zone. lets not forget to mention that tailgating is, in my opinion, the leading cause for traffic. If people only knew what a little space would actually do to their stress, smh. greedy country we are.

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