BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The squeegee kids are going to have some company starting as early as next week.

After concerns arose about some of the kids being “aggressive”toward drivers, the Downtown Partnership will begin placing unarmed security guards at busy intersections as early as next week to calm interactions between “squeegee kids” and drivers, according to our media partners The Baltimore Sun.

This comes after a video went viral of a “squeegee kid” hitting a windshield of a car that refused his windshield service.

Police: Driver Claims ‘Squeegee Kid’ Broke His Car’s Window

The partnership will spend roughly $3,000 a week on guards along President and Conway streets during the morning and evening rush hours, Fowler said, according to the Sun.

Baltimore residents took to Twitter to react to the new initiative, even directly speaking to Mayor Catherine Pugh on her Twitter account.

Some tried to come up with solutions to the incidents:

Mayor Pugh said she is working to create a jobs program specifically for the “squeegee kids”. She was seen approaching one boy earlier this year.

‘Get Off The Corner, Go To School’; Video Shows Mayor Pugh Finding Child On Street During School Hours

However, the jobs program will not be an expansion of the Squeegee Corps she launched last year to get kids out of the intersections and working in “pop-up” car washes, according to the Sun.

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Comments (30)
  1. Don McCoy says:

    Ever notice that these Democrat Utopia cities only ever get WORSE and WORSE!? How can the Left just keep doing the same thing over and over in light of the blatant (and PREDICTABLE) failures they cause and then suffer?

  2. Pete Wagner says:

    What do you call it when good people have to pay more and more because of bad people?

  3. Just another Democrat hellhole. Who wouldn’t vote for more of this?

    1. Kerry O'Brien says:

      I live in Austin, the most liberal city in Texas. And it frequently makes the “best cities to live in” lists, often #1. So…

      1. R Couch says:

        just say THANK YOU to the Real Texans (non demofascists) that work to keep Austin “kinda” grounded and out of “serious” trouble

  4. Ronald Roman says:

    I had a glimpse of the Wakandan splashing the windshield. Good luck editing/censoring next time , CBS!

  5. John Schilling says:

    “Squeegee kids,” “teens,” oh, CBS, you’re SOOOOOOO funny!!! Keep up with the invention of new words to describe what all of us already know = Bigger, Digger, Jigger, Tigger…or something like that, NOMESAYIN’ YO?

  6. Sjohn John says:

    Dont let them near – they will rob you.
    Shoot to kill anyone that approaches you.

  7. Tim Henry says:

    Great, the leaders of Baltimore are encouraging their youth to rise to challenge of being angry “squeegee kids”. What a goal! Ill be there next weekend, stay away from my car angry achievers!

  8. Bill Smith says:

    Wait until the homeless are running the city of Baltimore, defecating and urinating on the streets and buildings and constructing cardboard cities. The lack of action on squeegee kids is just an early warning to the citizens of Baltimore to get out and leave town because the Socialist / Communists are in charge.

  9. Chilli Palmer says:

    Sanctuary city here! Sanctuary city here! Come one, come all, illegal aliens welcome, please take all entry level jobs that our teens used to take. We don’t want our kids to work those jobs anyway…they can find better things to do on the streets. Our kids should have to work some job just to buy those new Air Jordans….the government should be providing them! Phones, food, health care, housing…and sneakers!!!

    1. Chilli Palmer says:

      …..shouldn’t have to work……

  10. when this was a problem in NY Mayor Giuliani started arresting people doing this, it stopped. But hey, in this hyper-politicized environment I’m sure that is some kind of micro-aggression to arrest someone who is trying to extort from drivers.

  11. Morey Ladini says:

    Walking or driving along Baltimore streets is an ever-worsening gauntlet of bums, addicts, pan-handlers. psychotics and squeegee kids. Groups have marked off territory at every intersection in and out of the city. They don’t realize that even the “generous” are tapped-out by the time they reach them.

  12. Yet another Democrat Utopia – a fetid sewer of crime, poverty, and decay. Contratulations, liberals 🙂

  13. Joey Smith says:

    Here’s how they deal with them in southern Europe:
    You see the squeegee person up at the red light. You stop your car about 50 feet in back of the car in front of you leaving 50 feet of empty space. After they walk the 50 feet up to your car, gun the engine to catch up with the car in front of you, leaving the squeegee person 50 feet behind you.

  14. In Los Angeles while serving as a Policeman it was called robbery to get money through the use of force and or fear. If the citizens feel fear and intimidation the squeegee angels who are always fine upstanding citizens should be arrested.

  15. John Jupiter says:

    shoot a couple in the Brainless Head,,,,and this Problem will go away ,,,,quickly.

  16. Don Stickney says:

    I thought that after Baltimore removed all those ‘evil’ Confederate statues and monuments, the city’s problems would disappear!

  17. Mark Douglas Hawkins says:

    Where are the police? Oh.

  18. Jim Corridan says:

    NYC had squeegee vagrants in the nineties .Giuliani ended that .These teens are not interested in cleaning your car , it’s pay up or be robbed .

  19. Terrence Jeffrey Johnson says:

    This is why we have the 2A

  20. Edwin McKinney says:

    C’mon, this is simple. Wash your own windshield using your on-board washer/wiper system. Helpful hint: adding that glass cleaner, ammonia, to your washer reservoir will help.

    1. Otto VonSchlingen says:

      — are you seriously so ignorant as to believe that the street corner extortionists are trying to offer a service? What color is the sky where you are?


  22. Steve Hansen says:

    How about having the police take care of it and arrest the violators. And, of course, all of the police officers would collect overtime to pad their salaries.