By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

This day will be an exception rather than the rule when it comes to temperatures this week. 72° this damp afternoon. Tomorrow the low 60’s, and then a temperature roller coaster over the next 6 days with the warmest daytime temp we see being a few degrees below the normal of the mid 60’s. Our overnight temps will bottom out one week from this morning when we wake up to 37°. Thirty “shocking” seven.

Fall, indeed, has settled in over the area, and a good part of North America. If you have friends on social media who live in New England you have seen their beautiful Fall pictures. If you have friends on social media in Colorado, and parts of Kansas, you may have seen them, late yesterday, post legit snow shots.

None of this is unexpected. It is the change of seasons in 5th gear. But today what I think is the most eye opening fact is the date itself. This is October 15th, essentially half way through this month. Where has this month gone. Heck at his rate of “time passing us by” Spring is right around the corner. If only…..!



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