POTOMAC, Md. (WJZ) — Montgomery County Police say that a man who abducted an 80-year-old woman from her Potomac home had her drive him around and pay for his hotel room.

Robert Dove, 39, initially claimed he was there to inspect the roof of the home but when the woman who lived there questioned him, Dove shoved her and made his way inside.

Dove then pulled out a knife and demanded money and jewelry from the woman.

The woman was told to drive with Dove to an ATM in order to get more money. He told the woman his name and that he hadn’t returned to a pre-release program that he was a part of and would be wanted by police.

After being convinced by the woman to go for a drive in her car, Dove told her to drive to a farm in Poolesville where he used to hunt.

After driving to the farm, the woman told Dove that she was hungry to get to a place where she would be around other people. Dove suggested a restaurant in Poolesville.

At the restaurant, Dove introduced the woman to several people he knew, calling her his “friend.”

After the two finished eating, Dove suggested that they return to the woman’s home. The woman feared what Dove might have done once they got back and told him that she would pay for him to stay at a hotel.

The woman drove to a hotel on Rockville Pike where she paid for Dove to stay in a room for three nights. Dove told the woman to drive straight home and call him once she got there.

The woman went to a friend’s home instead, where she explained what had happened. She was afraid of what Dove would do if he found out that she called the police, but was also hopeful that he would turn himself in because she had encouraged him to do so throughout the day.

The next day on Oct. 15, police got a call from the woman reporting what had happened. Detectives determined that Dove had lived at the woman’s address before she had moved into the home.

Officers found Dove at the hotel he was staying at and arrested him. He confessed to the home invasion and kidnapping of the woman.

Dove was charged with home invasion, armed robbery, first-degree assault, and kidnapping.

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