By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Can I get an amen? I mean AMEN that wind has finally stopped. Yesterday for the first time this season you could really feel the wind chill all day long. Whatever you were doing yesterday even in the sunshine the “Hawk” was in the house. And of course there will be more of that to come but yesterday was a “WOW” kinda thing.

(That NW wind by the way moved a lot of water out of the Bay. The social media shots of the bottoms mud around many shorelines, and boats sitting on the bottom, in their slips, were stunning.

The Hawk. It’s all part of what’s to come when we go from “heat index”, to “wind chill”. Every season has extremes, and its own form of beautiful weather, and we will see that a lot this week. Clear skies as some really fresh air comes our way out of central Canada. But chilly air too.


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