By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Is it just me or are there no Fall colors? Okay, maybe a smattering of very muted, trying to be fall colors, but so far nothing that is making any waves on social media. Usually by this time everyone is posting shots that get you to look twice.

“Look twice” are key words. Years ago we had a legendary cameraman named Norm Vogel. I asked him once how he decided what to take a picture of. He simply said, “If I look twice I take the shot.” No one has had reason to look twice this season. Question is will that change.

I have heard it has been too wet, though I always heard that wet meant a faster deterioration of leaves and brighter colors. Who knows.

Yesterday I saw some Winter season projections and we are in, just barely, but in a region of “wetter than usual” conditions. So what Nature is saying to us is, “Noting new much the same?” Be it colors or needing an umbrella. Time will tell on both subjects.


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