BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Amid a growing controversy over the children who wash windshields at downtown Baltimore intersections, one of these so-called “squeegee kids” was struck by a car on Saturday.

According to Baltimore City Fire officials, they transported a child struck by the vehicle at 6:51 p.m. at Pratt and President Streets. The child was taken to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center where he’s reportedly in stable condition.

A viral Facebook video posted shows the incident Saturday. In the video you see the boy wiping the windshield of a car. The light turns green and the passengers pay the boy, before urging him to be careful at the moment he’s struck.

(Warning: Video May Be Disturbing)

“Be safe, don’t get hit by a car!” the passenger screams as the teen immediately is mowed down by an oncoming SUV.

Passerbys got out and called 911 as the boy lies motionless in the roadway.

Drivers have complained about squeegee kids for years. Just two weeks ago, the Downtown Partnership announced a plan for unarmed guards to monitor the squeegee kids on street corner. Mayor Catherine Pugh plans to invest $2 million to help find these self-employed window washers year-round jobs.

“Engage them in productive activities, opportunities to make money, opportunities to work,” she told WJZ.

Baltimore City Police have not revealed the identities of the child nor the driver who struck him.

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  1. That is 100% the mayors fault for allowing young kids to move around some of the most and heavily traveled intersections in Baltimore to clean car windows! Shame on you mayor, sue her and the city! This was bound to happen!!

  2. The mayor is 100% at fault she authorized them to do this! She and the city needs to be held accountable!

  3. Don’t forget to VOTE again for her! NOT!!!!

  4. Tickedoff Person says:

    maybe it will stop now.

  5. When one finally gets killed the mayor and this city will be at total fault for allowing YOUNG children to negate busy traffic intersections. PRATT AND PRESIDENT STREET QUESTION MAYOR HAVE YOU EVER TAKEN NOTICE HOW MUCH TRAFFIC IS ON PRATT STREET?? SHAME ON YOU MAYOR! BTW as these kids get hurt it’s CALLED CULPABLE NEGLIGENCE which means YOU had a part in them getting injured by giving the green light and CITY APPROVAL to be in dangerous traffic instead OF DOING WHAT IS RIGHT TO PROTECT THE KIDS BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW ANY BETTER BUT YOU SHOULD! I’M GOING ON RECORD SAYING IF I ACCIDENTALLY HIT A SQUEEGEE KID I WILL SUE YOU AND THIS CITY PUTTING FOR THEM IN HARMS WAY WHICH COULD BE AVOIDED IF YOU STEPPED UP AND DID YOUR JOB!!

  6. Tammy Marie says:

    I’m sure she means to invest that 2m into Baltimore City Schools. Instead of unarmed guards maybe she should have unarmed truancy officers there to get their butts back into the schools. Nothing like having your car kicked or to be spit on by a child that you have to repeatedly say no thanks, I don’t want you to clean my windshield.

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