By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Not a lot shaking today. Fall has calmed down a bit for right now. Sunny and seasonal today. Still looking for a “mild up” tomorrow, with a “warm up” remaining in the forecast for Thursday. Looks like right now Friday will remain near 70°. No complaints. Usually Fall is a pretty calm season here in the Mid-Atlantic but as we know this year has been the exception. But for now, all is good.

Have you noticed that trees are finally starting to change color? We’ve been told that due to the very wet past few weeks the colors will, for the most part this year, be muted. But I am starting to see some areas looking like, well Fall should look.

There is something comforting to see a tree fire red, and bright yellow leaves blowing around on a Fall wind as we had yesterday. And with pretty dry conditions, (over the 7 Day Forecast just some light showers Friday night), I think we can look for that beautiful trend to continue over the weekend! Nice.


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