BALTIMORE CO., Md. (WJZ) — The White Marsh Mall may soon enforce a curfew for minors on the weekends.

The Baltimore County Council is urging the mall to adopt a parental guidance policy in response to an uptick in violence.

This policy is in response to a major brawl involving a large group of teenagers that took place on the mall’s property in August.

A massive summertime fight at the White Marsh Mall that resulted in nine arrests – two 19 year olds and seven juveniles – has the Baltimore County Council taking action.

“We heard a lot from the public about how they didn’t feel safe there, they didn’t want to shop there, and I don’t want that in my district,” said Baltimore County Councilwoman Cathy Bevins.

Three dozen officers responded to the Aug. 9 brawl, and since then, shoppers say they’ve seen a recent spike in issues.

“It’s so much,” said Adrienne Boone, who lives in Baltimore Co. “Everything going on in Baltimore, the robberies and carjackings. We got kids here and we need to be safe.”

“It’s not a playground, it’s a place where people come to shop and want to feel safe while they’re doing so,” Baltimore Co. resident Lia Bland added.

The Baltimore County Council wants the White Marsh Mall to adopt a curfew that would require anyone under 18 to be accompanied by an adult over 21 during weekend evenings, starting at 5 p.m.

Other local shopping centers already have a similar curfew in place and council members wants to use this policy because it seems to work.

“If you go to Towson Town Center, they’ll tell you it’s been very successful, and again it’s the same owners, so if it’s working in Towson, why wouldn’t they want to implement it in White Marsh,” Bevins added.

Bevins also suggests more frequent bus service during regular hours, without the late night stops.

“I respect the county council trying to do something,” said Art Hoffman, who lives in Baltimore Co. “Better to try to do something than to sit back and look at the problem.”

“If the kids are here, and they are supervised, I think people feel safe enough to get to their cars and would feel more comfortable to come out and do some shopping,” Bland added.

A policy the Baltimore County Council hopes will boost business and safety for everyone.

The council will vote Monday on this resolution.

If it passes, it will be up to mall management to enforce it.

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