BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Today it is all about stats. Rain stats. Yearly rain stats to be more focused. I want to point this out today as we are exactly 10 months into the year. 61 day’s to go before we close the weather book on 2018.

At this point we have had 57.14″ of rain. Normal is 32.21″ of rain. We have almost 22″ more rain than normal. THAT IS AMAZING when put into “this” context. Look around. Everywhere you see there is a lake 22″ deep. Everywhere. No matter where you are reading this the water is over half way up your leg.

At this point we are looking, though, at only the 5th wettest year, (so far), in our weather history. The wettest year was 2003 with a total overall amount of almost 63″ of rain. Over 5 feet of rain. I really don’t remember that year. Oh I am sure I do but I am sure my mind has selectively erased it.

61 more days to move up the “most rain for a year” scale. I am not into failure but let’s hope we strike out on this one. Showers, by the way, your forecast for tonight. Rain, heavy at times, tomorrow.


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