ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A 24-year-old man was arrested for assault and animal cruelty after he allegedly stabbed and killed a dog and injured its owner.

According to Annapolis police, officers responded to the 100 block of Silopanna Road on Friday around 6:02 p.m.

Officers learned Jesus Hernandez Garcia assaulted his girlfriend and the family dog during a fight.

The victim’s brother-in-law says she is still heartbroken by the loss of her dog, who she raised from a puppy.

Credit: Annapolis Police

According to the report, Hernandez Garcia grabbed the woman’s hair and started punching her. He then grabbed a glass bottle and tried to hit the victim in the head.

The family dog moved between the woman and Hernandez Garcia, so he grabbed a folding knife and stabbed the pet, Mancha, in the neck.

The victim’s hand was also cut by the knife.

“Certainly, the female victim does feel that the dog was being defensive and trying to stop the assault,” Annapolis PD Sgt. Amy Miguez said.

The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The dog was taken by Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control for treatment, but later died from its injuries.

Hernandez Garcia was arrested and charged with first and second degree assault, reckless endangerment, aggravated cruelty to animal and animal cruelty.

He’s being held at the Jennifer Road Detention Center without bond.

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    1. Donald Mack Flippin says:

      Un otro mojado.

    2. Walt Pryor says:

      This kind of information is kept from the American public because it would reveal the truth. Most Mainstream Mass Media want to control what is true and what’s not true to the American public.
      It is a form of mind manipulation and control.
      We make decisions based on unbiased straight froward truth. That is dangerous to Democrats and Mass Media!
      They believe they are arbiters of what is true not the American public.
      It is called propaganda and Communism.

    3. He is being held without bond. For the charges listed, the only explanation would be that he’s illegal.

  1. Dan Tige says:

    Thank goodness! He wasn’t black.

  2. Ed ONeill says:

    Execute him.

  3. malewurmhole says:

    This article seems to lack some significant information and leaves us to draw our own conclusion because of it.

  4. These people are the worst; no more immigration! No more migrants. If they try crossing our border our military should airstrike them.

  5. Barry Hirsh says:

    Ten-to-one he’s an illegal.

  6. Jonathan Vaughn says:

    They come her to do the things Americans won’t do, rob, rape and murder.

  7. Jeff Johnson says:

    A good judge will make the sentences run consecutively, with no possibility of parole.

  8. Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  9. Ross Kaske says:

    A just society would execute this savage, and fast.

  10. Handy Andy says:

    Remember this guy when you vote tomorrow. If you want more like him then vote Blue.

  11. Thomas Ray says:

    Dollars to Doughnuts—an IMPORTED Democrat VOTER.

  12. Brave dog,Feel bad that he had to die.That savage needs to be put away for
    a long time.

  13. Jeff Smith says:

    Treat him like he treated that dog.

  14. I can’t help but wonder if he is in this country legally… May be wrong.. could be eight generation.. but I still wonder.

    1. thehighsider says:

      Of course CBS would never report such information as this dogchit’s immigration status. Politically incorrect.

  15. Jeffrey M. Scott says:

    Given this waste of skin’s actions and attitude he should be executed ASAP because he isn’t worth the taxpayer money to keep the POS alive!!

  16. Bernie Willrise says:

    We need 500 million more of these brave young Latino men in the U.S by 2050. We’ll see how arrogant local small town beat cops are then.

  17. Vincent Ardizzone says:

    The wrong animal died.

  18. Patricia McBride says:

    Awww, the guy cut his hand on the knife he killed the dog with. Too bad it wasn’t his throat.

  19. Ed Itori says:

    And thus another engineering career of a Dreamer was tragically cut short…

  20. Clegg Jensen says:

    Arrested, eh? That won’t stop Obama’s “Dreamer” from voting Democrat ten times in four different states.

  21. Don Sjulstad says:

    There is a female judge in Florida who is particularly sensitive to animals. She was passing sentence on a man who killed a family’s pet dog during a break-in. There were multiple charges. She gave him 1600 years. He complained that he can’t do 1600 years. She replied “Do what you can”.

  22. First time offender and legal citizen surely…

  23. Paul Roberts says:

    Jesus Hernandez Garcia – Hummm… Legal? Illegal? It would be nice to know. This punk would not have tried anything with our 200lb Leonburger. I feel bad for the woman losing her yippy dog. I am sure it saved her life. Very sad.