FERNADALE, Md. (WJZ) — A 61-year-old man is dead after he was shot by an officer trying to enforce Maryland’s new ‘red flag’ law in Ferndale Monday morning.

Anne Arundel County Police confirmed the police-involved shooting happened in the 100 block of Linwood Avenue around 5:17 a.m.


According to police, two officers serving a new Extreme Risk Protective Order (Red Flag Law), a Maryland protective order to remove guns from a household, shot and killed the man listed on that order.

“Under the law, family, police, mental health professionals can all ask for the protective orders to remove weapons,” said Sgt. Jacklyn David, with Anne Arundel County Police.

That man was identified as Gary J. Willis of same address.

Officials said Willis answered the door while holding a handgun.

Willis then placed the gun next to the door.

When officers began to serve him the order, Willis became irate and grabbed his gun.

One of the officers tried to take the gun from Willis, but instead Willis fired the gun.

The second officer fired a gun, striking Willis. He died at the scene.

No police officers were injured and others inside the house were unharmed.

Police continue to investigate the shooting. At this time it’s not clear who called police to alert them about Willis.

Anne Arundel County Police have only had nine “red flag” calls so far.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Homicide Unit at 410-222-4731. Callers wishing to remain anonymous are asked to call the Tip Line at 410-222-4700.

This is a developing story. Stay with WJZ for updates.

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Comments (272)

    innocent man dead ,, someone shows up at my door in darkness waking me at 5:30am ???

    this law killed an innocent man,,, democrats are commies

    1. DT wxrisk says:

      he was innocent .. he fired at the cops FIRST

      trump voters are mentally ill

      1. Lynn McLeod says:

        The report says the gun when the officer tried to take it, it did not say he fired at officer

      2. B.P. Christmas says:

        Your just mad because your girl lost and the last dude in office was no where near as good as President Trump. Just wait your going to be crying because there are no guns to keep your head off a chopping block because your not Muslim.

      3. IchabodAmerica says:

        No, people like you and the DNC are mentally ill. This country has the 2nd Amendment which clearly states “shall not be infringed”.
        This man had every right to own and keep his guns AND to defend himself from any that would attempt to violate his rights, which he did.
        You Liberal Democrats need to prepare yourselves, as this war is only just getting started.
        How long do you think it will be when these “red Flag” laws result in open, armed conflict?
        Not everyone will surrender their guns when they realize that these red flag laws are just confiscation without due process and that you won’t get your guns back?
        Maybe we should “Red Flag” your 1st Amendment rights so we don’t have to listen or read your hateful, bigoted, racist, misogynistic, uninformed, Marxist, America-hating speech!

      4. bobblaylock says:

        «he was innocent .. he fired at the cops FIRST

        trump voters are mentally ill»

          The cops were attempting to rob him of his rightful property, under threat of deadly force.  He had every right to defend himself.  The cops who tried to rob him, and who killed him, ought to stand trial for murder.

      5. Barry Cogdill says:

        Typical Democrat blaming someone else for the Democratic Party Nazi Style Tactics.

    2. DT wxrisk says:

      the man was deemed to be mentally ill.. and fired at the police first

      he was not innocent.

      1. Lysander says:

        This is called “begging the question.” According to you, this guy had a duty to submit, no matter what rights police violated, because showing any resistance whatsoever makes him “not innocent.”

        “Deemed mentally ill.” I guess that’s all that’s needed to summarily execute someone. I think you may find a society like North Korea more to your liking.

      2. IchabodAmerica says:

        You state the man was “deemed mentally ill”. Okay, what court or judge deemed him mentally ill?
        Some person on a phone? Family member?
        It is called DUE PROCESS, which this man was denied and DUE PROCESS will also be denied any and all how some “anonymous” person on a phone “reports”.
        Besides violating his 2nd Amendment rights, it also violated his 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendment rights.

      3. bobblaylock says:

        «the man was deemed to be mentally ill.. and fired at the police first

        he was not innocent.»

          Falsely declaring someone to be mentally ill, as an excuse for violating his rights, was a practice that was common in the Сою́з Сове́тских Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик.

          And now, this practice comes to our country.

    3. Mike Bollinger says:

      The only way to stop this kind of thing is have police get shot up from inside the house, and from the neighbors at the same time. I can’t believe that the police will go along with this sort of thing. This guy was assaulted at 5AM, what would the cops do if strangers came to their door in the early AM?. They should have went in full daylight, but by rights they never should have gone to his house at all.

  2. G Miller says:


  3. Tyson Bunn says:

    So, in Maryland someone or anyone who has a beef with you for any reason. Legitimate or not, can say you don’t need a gun, then the cops will come to take your gun without due process. There will be more killings.

    1. Marc says:

      No, not anyone. “family, police, or mental health professionals”. And the order has to be approved by a judge.

  4. straightent says:

    Any law contrary to the constitution is no law and is null and void. This made this murder, and a deprivation of rights under the “color of law”. Capital felony treason upon the people.

    1. John Day says:

      the family MUST sue the state, city & county. a good lawyer will make this law null & void. This is why our forefathers insisted on 2A

  5. BillWhit says:

    This is an abuse of power and the accuser should be confronted as to why they are afraid of someone. RIP, Brother! The Tyrants time are coming soon! Largest Domestic Enemy group is the USA is the DemocRat Party, especially, DemocRats in politics. KAG!

  6. Tony waller says:

    Stupid law

  7. dave L MCINTOSH says:

    This wont end well folks. Its just the beginning of the end for the people there.

  8. David Alexander says:

    Did they have to kill him? he had every right to defend his home< COPS are not a judge now days they are cowards hiding behind a badge

  9. Marc Barlow says:

    I see a big lawsuit coming

    1. John Day says:

      Bigger the better, it won’t help the grieving family, but the state, city and county should be made to pay.

  10. TexKaboy says:

    The denial of a fundamental right without due process is tyranny. No police officer should enforce these tyrannical laws. Citizens have a right and a duty to defend against tyranny.

  11. Alex Hudson says:

    Cops murdered another citizen….

  12. John says:

    This Is Tyranny!!! plain and simple

  13. Alan Estes says:

    They came to his door at 5:17AM! WTH would be the reason for that!

  14. Alex Wise says:

    There will be a lot more of these kind of deaths with these red flag laws, which are a violation of the 2nd amendment.

    1. IchabodAmerica says:

      “Red Flag” laws violate the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments!!!
      These laws are nothing more that the Marxist Democrats along with their NWO Marxists destroying our Constitution.

  15. T H says:

    All of you complaining about this law (it isn’t a violation of the 2nd Amendment any more than ‘Free Speech Zones’ are a violation of the 1st Amendment) hasn’t even read the text of the law. As you spout off about lack of due process or make claims that someone can make frivolous calls to get people’s guns taken away, you prove that you have no idea what you’re talking about and are, in fact, completely ignorant of the process as laid out in the law.

    1. IchabodAmerica says:

      You really need to get yourself an education! It appears you have no grasp of simple English words like “shall not be infringed” or “abridging” “Free Speech” zone are ILLEGAL and un-Constitutional. FYI: So-called “hate speech” is PROTECTED speech, as is speech that might offend your delicate feelings!
      Next: It is YOU that are ignorant of the law? If you actually knew and understood the Constitution and not what some American hating Marxist Democrat tells you, you would know that in order to take a man’s property (a gun is property), they must be afforded their DUE PROCESS RIGHTS. That means the State (or Federal government) must present cause and evidence to show that the State has the right to seize this man’s property.
      Then, they have to get a WARRANT to do so!!! A warrant must be based on FACTUAL information and evidence and an OATH sworn to that said evidence is, in fact, prove of State claims and that seizure of said gun is appropriate and lawful.
      This man received NONE of his Constitutional rights.
      So please Mr. Uninformed Liberal troll, go study what you are talking about before opening your mouth or going Keyboard Commando” on a subject you know nothing about!

      “Red Flag” laws violate the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments!!!
      These laws are nothing more that the Marxist Democrats along with their NWO Marxists destroying our Constitution.

  16. Samuel Hay says:

    I especially fear another civil war which is what the NWO and the Democrat leadership want because the Democrats as well as the mass media moguls are attempting to insure their place in the NWO. The New World Order’s plan is to kill off all but 800 million of the earth’s 8 billion population to make the planet more ‘sustainable’ for themselves. The remainder of the people will be their slaves. President Trump and 135 million armed American Patriots have got it right. Wake up people. The only thing standing between world domination and freedom is the insurmountable American Patriots. If you combined all the active duty troops on the plant together you come up short of 10,000 troops! THAT IS WHY THEY WANT YOUR GUNS!

  17. Mike says:

    Under this law a person can live their entire life, cause no problem with anyone have absolutely no criminal record and then be shot to death. Welcome to North Korea. How would the politicians, judges and police like this kind of justice served on them. That would get the law changed over night.

  18. Texas Tony says:

    Let em try taking my weapons. It will either be my death or theirs. I consider Red Flag laws a violation of my 2nd amendment right. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. I’m far better trained than any cop, so they’d better have their affairs in order.

  19. RIch says:

    This kind of law is an example of why we have the second amendment. Unless the person has done something against the law and found guilty, he has every right to protect his second amendment right.

  20. Geoffrey Weiss says:

    They will accuse someone of being dangerous and unfit to own a firearm for opposing the Red Flag law.

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