By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It is Election Day 2018. The mid-term elections, and weather is a player in this, and every other election. In my job I get to meet a lot of interesting folks, especially those who study politics. They will tell you that rain keeps folks in. Not out at the polls.

I call it the “my guy/gal is ahead in the polls so I will just chill as he/she will win anyway.” Just think back a couple of months to the Democratic primary for Baltimore County Executive. How many votes separated candidate Jim Brochen from candidate John Olszewski Jr. Very few. Take it to a national level. Remember how close the race was between George Bush and Al Gore? Weather can be a player.

This day rain will be falling through the mid-afternoon. After that, steady annoying rain should be over. “Should be” barring any “at the moment” forecast change.

While watching our election coverage tonight keep your eye on the turnout percentage. Especially the local races. A low turnout, to my mind given the interest in this year’s races, would have to be weather related. If a high turnout, given this weather… then patriotism lives. We shall see.


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