By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — T.G.I.F. ! And thank goodness it is Friday because with gray skies and the heavy rain possible this afternoon we can at least look forward to Friday night, which by the way will be dry after about 8. I mean imagine if this were, say, ..Tuesday. :-(~

This weekend, as has been discussed, will be on the very chilly side. 10 to 13 degrees below the normal of 59°. And like we are, mentally, lucky this rain is on a Friday that same luck prevails this weekend. The chill will feel like the Thanksgiving season is near, which it is. The warm clothes you may have stashed since Spring will come out. You will smell fireplaces and other such seasonal triggers.

Now image if this was the month equivalent of Tuesday…let’s say January, and we are 10-13 degrees below normal. No holidays to distract us.  No nothing but short cold days. Horrible.

At least the frame around this day makes the picture nicer to look at.

And on that note let me just say T.G.I.F., ..ain’t it the truth!


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