BALTIMORE (WJZ) — People in Baltimore are voicing their concerns after a teacher was punched in the face by a student.

After the shocking video had gone viral on social media, a group of parents, teachers, and alumni faced administrators at Frederick Douglass High School on Monday morning to discuss teacher safety in the classroom, and to demand accountability and changes to protect them.

VIDEO: Student Seen Hitting Teacher At A Baltimore High School

“The result of this meeting that I hope to have is for us to come together and walk away with some solid line items in terms of things that we can improve for this community as well as for this school,” said Hope Mims, a Frederick Douglass Alumna.

Tens of thousands of people saw the viral video of a student exploding at a teacher and hitting her in the face.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the veteran science instructor is traumatized, but has forgiven the student.

Baltimore Teacher Says She Forgives Student Who Hit Her

Marietta English of the Baltimore Teachers Union calls the incident “a reflection of society where children don’t have the respect for adults that they had in years’ past.”

The group hopes that a meeting with school administrators is the first step towards restoring that respect.

“To have an opportunity to have a hand in bringing this school back to what it was,” said Mims. “That’s really important to me.”

Alumni told WJZ there were a lot of issues addressed, with another meeting set for January.

The student who had hit the teacher has yet to face any disciplinary actions from the school or legal action.

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  1. DrJames Brown says:

    If this WORTHLESS “student” is not prosecuted it SENDS A MESSAGE TO EVERY STUDENT. Sure it’s ok to do whatever to teachers TRYING to help them !!
    I grew up in a poor-poor 100% black Baltimore ghetto for 20 years. Hard work put me into the medical field. NOW I live in the country with farms around me. WAKE UP BLEEDING HEARTS,, my Brothers understand this. Thank You JS

  2. Send the message to ALL put them in JAIL!! Time to start treating criminals like criminals and stop babying them, they know only to well our juvenile justice system and abuse that also, they know it is broken and there is NO accountability with that the judges turning REPEAT offenders back out to do US more harm!!

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