By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — We are going to entitle this blog, “Don’t believe everything you read.” I am specifically am talking about social media and people posting everything they can get their hands on about snow. Snow that is coming, falling, or failing. The amount of social media disinformation has us, yearly, shaking our heads. Who is us? Bob, Tim, Meg, and myself to name a few.

When I hear, “But ‘they’ say” I  just cringe. Remember Jimmy Buffet’s rule #1, “They are the enemy.” The echoes of “But Marty so and so posted this graphic on Facebook and LOOOOOK!” Meh.

And so it begins Thursday with mixed precipitaion in the forecast. About an inch on grassy surfaces and car roofs. Roads are too mild right now for legit issues. As we dive further into the season paved surfaces will be colder and the problems will mount. Not Thursday.

It will, though, get our attention and the early date of our first “attention getter”  has got my attention. Normally it’s around Pearl Harbor Day December 7th, (a historical marker), I use as a snow land mark here, when we see our first event. Let the meme’s begin about how this means a terrible Winter. So “they” will say. I say keep calm and watch this website.


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