BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Your lead foot is about to cost you some more cash.

A multi-million dollar deal is in the works to put more cameras on Baltimore County streets, and red light runners should beware.

Baltimore County may soon have more ways to charge you for a lead foot.

The council has approved a $21 million contract with American Traffic Solutions to assess and possibly expand the red light and speed camera programs.

“From the get go, Baltimore County hasn’t looked at this program to be a revenue generator. The main focus is safety,” said Corporal Shawn Vinson with Baltimore County police.

36 speed cameras currently rotate between school areas, mailing 40 dollar tickets to drivers 12-over the speed limit.

[WJZ Reporter:] “Have you ever been caught by one?”

“Yeah, in a school zone too,” A driver said.

10 intersections are equipped with red-light cameras, costing dangerous drivers $75 per infraction.

“We actually look to see where we have a high incidence of speeding an accidents when we decide on locations of these cameras. And we’re hoping that the result of it is safer roadways throughout Baltimore County,” Vinson said.

Even previously ticketed drivers can agree, the cameras are a motivation to slow down.

“They normally put them outside of schools and stuff, so in that regard I think they’re good. Because they keep people from speeding in front of schools and stuff,” A driver said.

The new company will be on the job and analyzing traffic, starting in January.

Studies across Maryland have shown speed cameras actually change habits- making drivers more conscious of their speed on roads similar to those with speed cameras.

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Devin Bartolotta


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