By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. And now we move, at flank speed, into the Christmas season 2018. And we move back into more civil temperatures too. Once we get by this day’s sunny and cold, (just 20° below normal), 35° we will see the forecast weekend warmup begin. And even with a cold front sliding through early next week, temps will only drop into the mid 40’s, not the COLD of the past couple of days and nights.

(Random thought coming up…we’ve all had a song stuck in our minds…today I keep hearing the opening song from “Hamilton” in my mind.

” …the ten dollar founding father without a father got a lot farther by working a lot harder by being a lot smarter by being a self-starter by 14 they placed him in charge of a trading charter…”

And what I am thinking is how did the colonials keep warm, or did they think they were living big with the fur’s and layers they had in Winter? What did we do before micro fibers, Gore-Tex, and such? Just a random thought,…honestly I think they’d call us soft.)

The first weekend of an exciting and busy month and a half lay ahead before the deep of Winter’s reality. Enjoy whatever you have planned, and have a safe one too.

T.G.I.F., even the day after Thanksgiving, basically a day off for many, TGIF is still the total truth!


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