BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Could an iconic Baltimore brand be no more?

National Bohemian’s parent company Pasbt Brewing Company is in the middle of a court case with MillerCoors. Pabst is suing Miller after the company said it would end a contract to brew and package Pabst’s brands in 2020.

Pabst claims MillerCoors is trying to put it out of business.

Pabst’s attorneys have said in court documents and hearings that MillerCoors LLC is lying about its brewing capacity to break away from Pabst and capture its share of the cheap beer market by disrupting Pabst’s ability to compete, according to CBS News.

If Pabst loses its brewer, does that mean Natty Boh would be extinct? The Baltimore Sun reports says the brand could be in jeopardy.

“Those sales could come to an abrupt halt if the lawsuit filed by Pasbt Brewing Company against MillerCoors in Milwaukee County Circuit Court is unsuccessful,” the paper reports.

Although the beer was last brewed in Baltimore in 1996, it’s a tradition many Baltimoreans are proud of.

Locals took to social media to react about the news, sharing memories and their thoughts on the situation.

Some said they wouldn’t miss Natty Boh if it were to go, because they don’t like the flavor.

“Garbage beer belongs in the garbage,” said Brian Lacey on Facebook.

Some people blamed the president.

The trial in Milwaukee County Circuit Court begins Monday and is scheduled through Nov. 30.

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  1. Joe Smith says:

    I only use it when making steamed crabs or steamed shrimp. I use to drink it years ago for old times sake when it was offered at Oriole park but it’s no longer sold there

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