BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore residents could see hikes in their water as early as July.

The city’s Department of Public Works is requesting the Board of Estimates approve a three-year rate adjustment that would help the department repair and maintain the city’s water systems.

They also ask for a simplified water billing assistance program for the city’s most needy residents.

“I am committed to protecting our residents and communities, creating a healthy City, and stabilizing water rates,” said DPW Director Rudolph S. Chow, P.E. “This proposal helps get us there.”

According to the plan, a family of three would see a rise of $8 per month. This includes a 9 percent increase to the stormwater remediation charge.

The new Baltimore H2O Assists program would help the city’s low-income residents struggling to pay their water bills.

Qualifying households would be able to:

  • Reduce the water and sewer use charges by 43 percent
  • Remove both the Bay Restoration and Stormwater Remediation fees from the bill
  • Provide assistance before customers fall behind on their bills
  • Slashes a “typical” monthly bill from $99.88 per month to $61.16.

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  1. Maybe if we were not PAYING the new police chief $260,000 salary we would not need to put more of a burden on tax payers! TOTALLY ABSURD!! We have morons and idiots running this city, the infrastructure is collapsing around us! SMH at the poor leadership in this city. It’s a out of control JUNGLE!

  2. Keep squeezing more out of us mayor while you give more money to illegal aliens!

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