BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Harford County woman stabbed to death in east Baltimore early Saturday morning after helping a panhandler is being remembered for having a “heart of gold.”

Friends say Jacquelyn Smith lived in Aberdeen and was likely only in the city to drop family members off. They’re in disbelief the man who killed her got away.

Police To Canvass Area Where Good Samaritan Was Stabbed To Death

A smiling photo of Smith is now plastered all over the east Baltimore block where police are searching for her killer.

Baltimore police say the 52-year-old was in the car with her husband and his daughter just after midnight, when she rolled down her window to hand money to a woman holding a sign, asking for help to feed her baby.

A good deed suddenly repaid with violence.

“And that’s when an unknown man approached the vehicle, stabbed the woman, and then left the location,” Jeremy Silbert, with the Baltimore Police Department said.

The whole incident happened less than a block away from Latrobe Homes.

Two of Jacqueline’s friends — who did not want their names released — describe Jacqueline as a woman with a heart of gold.

“A very loving, caring person. A very hard working woman. Just…just sweet,” a friend said.

And while they’re skeptical about the story told to police, they don’t doubt she’d help someone in need.

Good Samaritan Stabbed To Death In Baltimore City

“It just don’t sound right to me. It just don’t sound right, it really doesn’t,” another friend added. “But if it did, I can see her doing that. Going in her purse and giving someone some money. Because she’s the type of person who would do that for anybody.”

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh weighed in on Smith’s death.

“We don’t want people destroying other people’s lives,” she said. “This is unconscionable and as I’ve continued to say, one life lost in this city is one life too many.”

Pugh said this is a reminder not to roll down your windows for panhandlers.

The man police are looking for is possibly in his 30s and has a goatee. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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  1. Mike Giles says:

    The criminal-loving, criminal-enabling government of the City of Baltimore has struck again.

    1. After the Baltimore mayor Rawlings said three years ago, “We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that,” is it any wonder these thugs feel empowered to destroy lives, too?

  2. Adam Peter says:

    baltimore is a complete dumpster fire. sad.

  3. John Oakman says:

    Wanna bet ??

  4. That city is a no-go zone. An uncontrolled zoo run by savages.
    If your job takes you through thaat sh!thole, find a new job.
    That city should be nuked into orbit.

  5. I don’t stop for strangers for any reason. You just can’t trust people nowadays.

  6. Big Mama says:

    Need extermination squads like in RIO

  7. Tommy Lewis says:

    Did we get a description of the suspect? I wonder. Pathetic.

    1. We’re just to assume “Black” now when they don’t tell us, apparently.

    2. Jim Cochran says:

      It’s the darn Amish again.

  8. Dorothy Cohen says:

    Being a kind person is good. Self preservation is better. I lived in Wilmington DE for a few years. I was driving one evening and a woman came running out of some bushes, hysterical and said she’d been attacked and asked if she could get a ride to the police station. There weren’t cell phones so I drove back to my house and called the police and took them back to the spot. Turns out it was a woman with a male partner who were getting people to open their car doors and beating and robbing them.

  9. Sonny Crockett says:

    in his 30’s with a goatee! Tragedy after tragedy all committed by blacks the pandering media still cannot bring themselves to give the race of the monster. Absolutely astonishing.

    1. Baltimore, another Democrat hellhole. Parts of America are going complete Sh-thole. The description never contains the race of the perp, but if it was a White person we’d hear about it.

  10. I drove through downtown Baltimore yesterday and passed by maybe 5-8 panhandlers. FWIW they were all white..

  11. Tony Oberley says:

    See what happens when city politicians demonize the police?

  12. 2nd amendment right to defend yourself with a firearm is more important than ever. The great equalizer, makes a middle aged woman able to fight off even the most dangerous, strong criminal element. Leftist ideology is destroying America.

  13. Brian Terry says:

    “Pugh said this is a reminder not to roll down your windows for panhandlers.”

    It’s easier for the city to blame the victim, than it is to disperse vagrants and apprehend, adjudicate, sentence, and incarcerate violent killers. It’s the least they can do. And never say that Democrats don’t do the least they can do.

    And now, one fewer taxpayer to keep the rapidly sinking Democrat-strangled city afloat. A one-party, machine Democrat hell hole. Rapidly sinking.

  14. Ross Phipps says:


  15. Aint life in Baltimore these days just so peachy-keeno when the city you live in ( and I use that term loosely) is run by blacks! True African culture on display for the world to see 24/7 365! Keep up the wonderful work Baltimore, you are proving my observation in spades every passing day!

  16. Tango Victor says:

    Another footnote to the lesson that feral critters are not removed by feeding them.

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