BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With the rain this weekend and the cold winter ahead, finding ways to keep kids occupied indoors — especially toddlers — is hard to do.

But one crafty mom shared a “busy board” idea on Facebook that her active toddler loves.

Nicole Hardesty said she got the idea from Google, but tailor-made the board for her daughter, Lincoln, based on her interests.

“I just made hers tailored to the types of things I knew she’d be interested in,” Hardesty said. “So like the colorful fabric on the toilet paper roll and the wheels, etc.”

She said she’s seen the idea on the Internet and there are other kinds posted online.

A photo of a busy board. Credit: Nicole Hardesty

What a smart momma!

Got ideas for fun, indoor activities to keep your kids busy this winter? Email Sonia at


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