By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With Winter starting tomorrow at 5:23 P.M. this is the last full day of Fall, but for conversation purposes let’s merge tomorrow into the last few moments of Fall too. This year, weather wise, just went downhill as we started the Spring season in March and has not recovered. I am doing my best to think of anything memorable about Fall 2018. I guess it’s going to be the rain. And so it goes.

Now what can we expect for the next 90 days? Well to be honest I find the redeeming value of Winter to be the day’s slowly getting longer. Tomorrow will be the shortest day of the year. Slowly by adding a minute to the sunset, nightly, we come out of the gloom. I tend to note this because when the polar vortex comes to visit, and I am freezing my rear off doing live shots, I will inevitably look at the time and note the increased daylight. At least no matter what the weather on the way a brightening of spirits and sky will be the forecast.


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