By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Let’s just cut to the chase. Sunday looks like one of the best January days you could hope for. At this point I would love to, at this time, say I’m Marty Bass and be done. Why? Because I just gave you the bottom line to the forecast. But let’s get a bit more into the backstory.

A big low will cut up the mountains to our West. We will be on the warm side, and it will be the wet side too. Same stuff we saw all 2018 to be honest. We see nothing North that could delay this rain from doing an exit stage right and getting out of here. If nothing unexpected shows up the forecast of the mid to upper 50’s with Sun is in your future. Just WOW for a January day.

Back in the 2000-2001 Ravens first Super Bowl season we, on essentially the same weekend, played the Denver Bronco’s here. It was warmer in Denver that day.. That day here in the Big Crab it was clear and brutally cold. I’ve never been colder in the stadium. We won that day. And forgetting the game, just talking weather, we will WIN on Sunday too. BIG TIME!


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