By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — T.G.I.F.,…and a purple Friday at that!

So here comes the first weekend of January. Hey one weekend closer to Spring! No real change in the outlook. Rain tonight through tomorrow dinner time. Then Sunday is looking FINE! All quiet on the East Coast this weekend.

And the rain tomorrow is a blessing for the hunting industry on the Eastern Shore. This is a component of, sorta pun intended, foul/Fowl weather. It is Goose season, and tomorrows rain will have the hunters out in force. The economics involves landowners renting blinds, those butchers who clean and dress the birds, hotels, motels, restaurants..the business is a big deal for this state. Big deal. Geese fly low in rain and fog etc., and are easy targets. “Bluebird days” as hunters call the great weather we will have here on Sunday are not what hunters want to see.

Personally I do not hunt but I have nothing against it. A well-regulated season thins the heard, if you will, allowing those who move forward to have food and space. And our DNR are experts at that.

So this weekend is a win-wins weather-wise for Maryland!

T.G.I.F.,….ain’t it the TRUTH!


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