BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The L.A. Chargers defeated the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Playoff game 23-17.

The Sunday afternoon game featured a rematch for the two teams after the Ravens squared off against the Chargers in Week 16.

Ravens Fan Can Be Seen Punching Chargers Fan During Fight In Stands

Starting QB Lamar Jackson admitted in a press conference after the game he was pissed off about his own performance.

“I played poorly, I wasn’t playing my game today. I’m pissed off about that,” Jackson said.

The season did not end the way fans had hoped, and a recently-elated Ravens fan base left M&T Stadium deflated Sunday- after a tense game that kept some fans hopeful until the very end.

“I think it’s been a great season for the Ravens, obviously. I was really excited to be here, it was my first playoff game,” said Greg Shaffer, a Ravens fan.

The Ravens took the field for their first playoff game in four years Sunday.

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“Well, at the beginning of the game, it was terrific. Everybody was excited and getting up on third downs and screaming and such,” said Steve Shedlin, who was in the stands.

But by the start of the fourth quarter, crestfallen fans poured out of the stadium.

“They should have adjusted from the last previous game, and they apparently didn’t do that,” said Jerome Brown, another fan.

“It just didn’t seem to be their day today,” Shedlin said. “Even when they had chances to come back, it just didn’t happen,”

Even Gov. Hogan’s motorcade was spotted rolling out with eight minutes left in the last quarter.

The Raven’s shortcomings ignited a quarterback debate across the fan base, as Twitter users were over the edge Sunday afternoon, with many questioning whether or not starting quarterback Lamar Jackson was the right call by half-time after a series of fumbles panicked Twitter.

Should Harbaugh Have Put Flacco Back In For Second Half Against Chargers?

“They should have brought in Flacco. Taking nothing from Lamar, but he’s a rookie. They should have brought in Flacco,” said Fred Wheatley, Ravens fan.

“I think there was definitely a little bit of rookie jitters perhaps,” said Amanda Linton, another fan.

“They can pull it through next year and go all the way and be a Super Bowl contender, really,” said Pastor Joe Davis.

As forward-thinking fans set their focus on next season, Twitter lit up with fans disappointed that so many thousands- and the Governor- left before the game was over.

Others said they wished they had stayed until the very end.

The Chargers will now advance to face the New England Patriots next week in Foxborough. The Ravens season, however- is over.

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    I guess the players will just go out of state to their homes, count their money, buy themselves lavish gifts. Everyone else…go back to work, save up for next year. The ravens are counting on you to be stupid again

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