BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Chargers shared a video from Melvin Gordon Saturday after a Baltimore Uber driver trash-talked Los Angeles in front of the running back.

“Melvin Gordon’s Uber drive had no idea,” the Chargers tweeted.

Gordon started recording the conversation, smiling at the camera, and asks the driver,” so you think the Ravens are going to the Super Bowl?”

“Listen, you see the enthusiasm and the motivation,” the driver said. “They are playing as a team.”

Gordon then asks,” so what about the Chargers? You don’t think the Chargers are going to be in it?”

“Oh hell no,” said the driver. “Phillip Rivers, you don’t even have to worry about him.”

The driver chuckled.

When Gordon argues that Rivers is a Hall of Famer, the driver claps back that Jackson is a Heisman trophy winner.

“We got two Hall of Famers on our team,” Gordon said, adding “I like the running back they got too.”

“Oh, yeah, he’s something,” the driver said. “These young guys, stepping up, playing the game. It’s a wonderful thing man.”

Gordon then corrected the driver on the Chargers record and even joked with the driver that if he wanted a good tip he should root for his team.

About at the 2:40 mark, Gordon finally tells the driver who his is and the driver doesn’t believe him initially.

The driver then asked Gordon to sign something and take a selfie. Gordon obliged.

Watch the Ravens play the Chargers on WJZ at 1 p.m.



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