BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After a slippery first half, some Ravens fans on Twitter questioned whether or not Ravens’ coach John Harbaugh should put Joe Flacco back in the game and bench rookie starting QB Lamar Jackson.

Some cited Flacco’s experience in previous playoff seasons, comparing that to the youngest QB’s first ever starting playoff game.

Others said his rookie label may be giving him a disadvantage, after the first half of fumbles.

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However, some fans stayed loyal to the new QB, saying the team should see this lineup through into the second half.

Some criticized Harbaugh, saying he made his choice with Jackson and to stick by it.

Twitter equally defended Jackson on his own merit, saying he still had a chance- and if not- it could be time to move back to Flacco.

Flacco’s last appearance was in Week 9 when Baltimore faced the Steelers.

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The Ravens ultimately lost to the Chargers, 23-17, ending their season.

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  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    Joe looks good when he is not whacked out on valium. Doesn’t have that thousand yard stare anymore

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