By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Let’s forget about the football game yesterday and just concentrate on how great that weather was. Even with a breeze moving pretty good in the tailgate lots it was not a cold one. Seasonally mild at its worst. The sun felt warm, I mean just fantastic. An early January gift from your Mom Nature if you will. I hope you got to get out in the fresh mild Winter air and enjoy.

Now as we start the second week in the month we will see the chill of Winter settle in. NOTE I did not say the “cold” of Winter. The Normal daytime high is now down to 41°. Today 41. Tomorrow the mid 50’s, but then we drop into the upper 30’s and stay there until the weekend when we will only rise back to 40°. Add in a couple of breezy days, and one windy afternoon and there you have the feel of Winter that we all knew would arrive. Fortunately it’s just the chill of the season not the cold. Which we all know will, one day soon, arrive.


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