BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Animal control is looking for two dogs responsible for mauling a woman in west Baltimore over the weekend.

Lauri Prochaska said she’s new to the Evergreen Lawn neighborhood and had never seen these dogs before they pounced on her Saturday afternoon.

She is now on the mend and looking for justice after spending four hours in surgery for horrific bite wounds.

They were in for the kill,” said Prochaska. “That’s how vicious they were when they got a hold of me.”

Prochaska says Saturday afternoon, she was wheeling out trash cans in the alley near Edmonson and North Warwick avenues where she provides live-in home care.

“It just happened out of nowhere,” Prochaska said. “There was no warning, nothing.”

She says two pit bulls attacked her from behind, unprovoked, with one latching on to each calf as she struggled to fight them off.

“Thank god they released their grip, their bite,” said Prochaska. “I don’t know what made them. Maybe me fighting them, punching them in the head, or whatever I was doing.”

As Prochaska screamed for help, the dos ran off down the alley.

A police report filed after the attack reports deep tissue wounds to Prchaska’s legs.

Animal control will be investigating where the dogs live and if they’re up to date on shots.

Prochaska wants the dogs found, and put down.

“It worries me that they’re out there, yes,” said Prochaska, “Because I know for a fact if it would have been a small child, I’m afraid to say it would have been a fatality.”

Police are looking for two white pit mixes with light brown spots.

Now afraid to go outside of her own home, Prochaska has a long road to recovery.

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