By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ok let’s just get it out there right now. Looks like a light snowfall this weekend from later Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. The following was taken from my morning weather briefing from our multi decade partners at Accu-Weather:

“This weekend, snow is likely–even though the amounts we’re forecasting could change, it appears now that much of the Greater Baltimore Area will get a general 1-3 inches…There will probably be some slick spots, especially on Sunday morning…”

Well now, how many of us will go over the deep end on this one? How many of us will treat it like it is, (as in), just a minor pain? My guess is, in this order,..a lot, and just a few. Put me in the “just a few” category. Here is why.

1) This is a weekend event. 2)  It will take 24 hours for this to occur as opposed to sometime this Winter when we will get 3 inches in an hour. 3) Reread #1 and #2.

At this point I will spotlight the last line of the briefing from Accu-Weather, who by the way I have trusted since our association on day 1! And that is the advisory for potential slick spots especially Sunday morning. But there is an easy way to deal with that. It is Sunday morning, just take a weekend chill if possible.

Trust me I will let you know when to get into hyper mode about a Winter event. Barring a change this is not the time. Got to give yourself a little wiggle room for when snow gets really serious.


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