By Marty Bass


What a beautiful sunrise it was. This time of the year you get crystal clear skies when these domes of Canadian high pressure settle in. In the Summer the day start is more diffused with haze and humidity. This morning, now just clear. But cold. And this leads me to the discussion of the weekend snow event.

Look we are still only calling for a 1 to 3″ event. It will begin tomorrow mid to late afternoon, and end midday Sunday. 1 to 3 over a long period of time. Not “snowmagedden” but PLEASE, PLEASE, just be real careful if you venture out tomorrow night, or to church on Sunday. The ground is cold. Real cold. And we will see some slick spots for sure. I point all this out because this is going to be, total-wise, a low impact event. But doing this deal for 41 years I can tell you these small ones are, sometimes, the most problematic for travel.

Just stay sharp, and stay tuned to make sure there are no changes not in our favor.

T.G.I.F.,…ain’t it the truth.


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