BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ) — Baltimore City Police are investigating after a man and his wife say they were assaulted by several of Baltimore’s so called “squeegee kids.”

Jon Coles said he and his wife were with their children stopped at a red light at Light and Lombard streets on Friday evening when they were approached by a group of the “squeegee kids.”

Coles said he asked them to move past his car, when his vehicle was hit by a squeegee.  He then exited his vehicle at which point he was attacked by several of the squeegee kids, who he said hit him in the face and in the back of the head and threw their squeegee supplies.

The victim said he then used pepper spray to stop them from attacking him while his wife and children were still in the car.

Coles provided WJZ with a copy of the police report that shows he was a victim of aggravated assault.

Coles then drove to city hall where he spoke with the mayor about the attack.

Mayor Catherine Pugh provided the following statement about this incident:

“We will not tolerate clear criminal behavior by those who not only impede traffic at our major intersections but who threaten residents and visitors to our City. We have no more urgent priority than making it possible for everyone to feel safe in our city.  This latest situation is outrageous and unacceptable in every sense. Our police are working to make sure they are held accountable.  At the same time, we will be communicating accelerated efforts to deal with this threat to public safety and the smooth flow of traffic in our major corridors.”

City Police are still investigating and have not yet notified WJZ of any potential arrests from this incident.

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  1. When you going to put a end to your madness, the citizens of Baltimore should get a class action suit against the mayor, city counsel and the city of Baltimore for allowing innocent people to be accosted and injured by “YOUR” squeegee kids! SHAME ON YOU MAYOR! ANOTHER BACKFIRE BY ONE OF YOUR HAIR BRAINED IDEA’S! When someone gets killed you need to lose your job and get thrown in jail! Every person that gets injured from YOUR squeegee kids mayor their blood is on your hands!

    1. How exactly did these kids become the mayor and city councilmembers’ kids? I am sure that they wish these kids would knock off the squeegee stuff. But she can’t lock them up unless and until they do something wrong – and then the police have to be on the scene to arrest them. They don’t stand around after doing something wrong waiting to be arrested.

  2. Question?? What happened to the “SIDEWALK SECURITY” MAYOR?? Again another hair brained USELESS idea that everyone knew from the get go would amount to a useless costly waste of time! They are REALLY doing a great job…SMH

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