By Rick Ritter

MIDDLE RIVER, Md. (WJZ) — A 3-year-old boy from Baltimore is back home tonight after fighting for his life in the hospital.

A man fleeing police crashed into his family’s car in Philadelphia, leaving him in intensive care.

Multi-State Police Chase Leaves 3-Year-Old With Skull Fractures, Spinal Injuries

The family is opened up to WJZ about the tragic ordeal.

What was supposed to be a dream trip to New York City turned to a nightmare for little David.

Leaving the 3-year-old with skull fractures and spinal injuries among others…

“He has a traumatic brain injury impacting the whole right side of his head and might never heal,” Meghan Stone-Kirts, David’s mom, said.

It was last Wednesday when the family was on I-95 and found themselves in the middle of a police chase.

A man fleeing officers slammed into their convertible near the Philadelphia airport.

Several police cruisers then crashed into their car and 3-year-old David was ejected from his car seat.

“It was scary and all I seen was my son out of the corner of my eye, coming up to center console I was like if I let him go any further he’s going out the window,” Stone-Kirts said.

Dajuan Robinson, 20, the man police were chasing for violating probation and questioning in two murders, ended up getting away and remains on the run.

After fighting for his life for days in a Philadelphia hospital.

David was transported back to his middle river home Monday night.

“One week ago, do you even think you’d be holding your son again?,” WJZ’s Rick Ritter asked David’s mom.

“One week ago, I thought I was losing my son for the rest of my life,” Stone-Kirts said.

A little boy scarred for life.

“He keeps waking up with nightmares and everything,” Meghan said. “I still have nightmares, I still have not slept, I don’t want to sleep, because I’m scared if I go to sleep. I’m either going to wake up to my husband passed out and dead or my son injured and dead.”

While the family continues to recover and try to stay positive, they’re calling for changes of policies surrounding police chases.

Before what happened to their family devastates someone else.

“If it’s probation violation, give them a must appear and if they don’t appear, send out people to look for him, don’t chase him on a highway,” Meghan said.

David’s father suffered broken ribs from the accident.

Their two-year-old daughter was also in the car but luckily, wasn’t injured.

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Rick Ritter